What does the program offer?

  • at least nine two-day weekend conventions taking place in Warsaw,
  • classes from morning to evening on Saturdays and Sundays in the conference rooms of the headquarters of the PKO Bank Polski,
  • informal evening meetings in one of Warsaw’s restaurants with the best journalists, writers, experts in various fields,
  • classes with top-class experts from many industries, presidents and owners of the largest companies and institutions, outstanding experts and trainers, leading politicians and ministers, during which participants listen to the lecture and can ask questions and discuss,
  • a series of specialized workshops in small groups, partly conducted online between conventions, by leading Roche managers,
  • reading recommendations by lecturers.

Topics of classes

Path: Leadership

Values ​​in politics and business

Leadership and responsibility

What is agile management

Contemporary models of leadership

Leadership and team building

Shift management

Management in a crisis

Negotiations – how to win them

Path: Economy

How to build a business from scratch?

How to create a company strategy

Digital bank

Business, politics, public affairs

Sales network – digital business

How investment funds work today

How to get back on your feet after a business failure

Cybersecurity in the state and company

Artificial intelligence in business

Blockchain – what is it all about?

Does GAFA rule the world?

Poland – can we remain the world leader in growth?

Path: Poland and the world

How to build a foreign policy strategy

Games of interest in the European Union

Poland, Europe, USA, China – geopolitics in the postcovid era

China, Belt road – a threat or an opportunity?

Safety in times of shocks

Can Russia one day be our partner?

Great Britain, Poland, the Union – how to cooperate after Brexit

Does historical policy matter in foreign policy

Germany and Poland – opportunities and threats of cooperation

Public diplomacy – how to build it

Path: Politics

Competences in business and political competences

What is politics for today, values ​​in politics

Can politics be noble?

Is it possible to earn money and do something for the common good

How to run a city

Path: communication

How the media works today

Cooperation with the media. Don’t get killed

Image crisis management

How to build a brand


People are the greatest value of the Leadership School. In our opinion – the team members of the Freedom Institute, but also most of the graduates – it is thanks to the involvement of participants and lecturers that the Leadership School turned out to be a great success from the very beginning.

Discussions during lectures and workshops, networking sessions or informal meetings after classes are a great opportunity to expand the group of friends and perhaps future colleagues. The relaxed atmosphere during the meetings allows participants to get to know each other better and establish professional and social relationships among active people representing various industries and environments. Participation in the programm is a way out of the comfort zone, it is an opportunity to meet fantastic people and confront your own knowledge with colleagues from all over Poland.


Parallel to the lectures and discussions, there will be workshops in groups of about 10 people. Initial and final workshops will be stationary. The main part of the work will be done online. The results of the work of individual groups will be presented to the entire school community at the end of the edition.

The workshops will be conducted mainly by high management of Roche – partner of the 6th edition of the Leadership School.

Each participant will be able to choose the topic of the workshop in which he wants to participate.


  • Transformation – a business model based on a vision of the future, i.e. how to manage agile
  • International leadership – management in an international environment
  • Leadership in times of crisis
  • Generations X, Y, Z – how to effectively cooperate and climb up in a multigenerational organization
  • Communication / media: how to manage a crisis
  • Marketing. How to build a brand?
  • Building a strategy – case study
  • Negotiations – how to win
  • Business models of overcoming the crisis – case study
  • Promotion of the state – how to talk about Poland in the world?

Note: A detailed schedule of classes and workshops along with precise topics and names of lecturers will be presented before the start of the 6th edition of the Leadership School. We reserve the right to introduce minor changes to the presented proposals as a necessity to adapt to the needs of program participants.