The Leadership School Alumni Club was established in 2015 by the graduates of the first edition of the project and brings together alumni of all editions of the program.

The mission of the Club is to act for the benefit of Poland, a country that is safe and economically strong. We pursue our goals by creating an environment focused around the Institute of Freedom and sharing its values ​​as well as integrating and maintaining friendships and contacts made during the course.

The club is a place for exchanging ideas, creating ideas for the implementation of joint projects and mutual support. Club members are people involved in many initiatives, belonging to various political, business and scientific organizations, open to new opportunities. They are people with many talents who share common values. We believe that only through organization and team action can we create initiatives that will have an impact on the reality around us.


Club activities:

  • integration meetings
  • discussions with representatives of the world of business, science and politics
  • development workshops (including the Leadership Level Up program)
  • analytical projects
  • publications: reports, magazines, newsletters