The program is organized by the Freedom Institute, a politically independent think-tank that has been operating since 2012.

We work for a strong, safe, democratic Poland located at the heart of the Western world; for an efficient and responsible state based on stable, transparent and well-managed institutions.

We create a community of committed citizens. Freedom is a great gift for us, a value to be cared for and defended.

We are a place of meeting, dialogue, shaping and clashing of various visions of the development of Poland, Europe and the world.

We build foundations for a strong and responsible society. We educate future leaders – people capable of strategic thinking, efficient state management – active citizens involved in the life of the community – their environment, city, state.

We cooperate with the world of politics, business, science and administration. We create initiatives supporting education and entrepreneurship; we take part in discussions on international affairs, we help build good relations between Poland and its most important partners abroad.

We believe that dynamically developing Poland, strongly embedded in the international structures of the European Union and NATO, can play an important role in shaping the security of sustainable development, stability and peace all over the world.


Igor Janke

Igor Janke

Founder of the Leadership School, president of the Freedom Institute. Communication expert, business mentor, columnist, author of books. In the past, e.g. editor-in-chief of the Polish Press Agency and head of the political department of the Rzeczpospolita magazine. Co-founder of the Salon24 Independent Publicists’ Forum, host of radio (TOK FM) and TV programs (TVP, Polsat News, TV Puls), author of hundreds of political analyzes, reports and interviews. He has many years of experience in organizing national and international projects. In the Leadership School he supervises substantive and organizational issues.

Przemyslaw Antas

Przemysław Antas

Vice-president of the Freedom Institute, lawyer, expert in the field of economic law, taxation and organization of the judiciary. Currently, he runs his own law firm, in the past he was a manager in an international consulting company, he also co-managed a specialist portal on intellectual property rights. He is interested in economic analysis of law, public finances, as well as new management techniques. A graduate of the second edition of the Leadership School. At the Leadership School, he is responsible for legal and substantive issues.

Aleksandra Mirkowicz

Project coordinator of the Leadership School of the Freedom Institute