2nd edition of the School

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150 people from all over Poland participated in the 2nd edition of the School of Leadership, which was carried out in 2016. The meetings were divided into the leadership, politics and economy modules.

Lectures in 2016 were conducted by, among others:

Jaroslaw Gowin

Andrew Michta

Charles Crawford

Jacek Kędzior

Joanna Malinowska-Parzydło

Tomasz Siemoniak

Beata Stelmach

Wojciech Szczurek

Wojciech Szewko

Olaf Osica

Michel Viatteau

Radoslaw Pyffel

Paweł Kowal

Jacek Bartosiak

Robert Kozak

Krzysztof Pawłowski

Wojciech Morawski

Zbigniew Jagiełło.

The classes concerned: leadership in the 21st century, communication and communication with partners from Asia, leadership in a crisis, time management. In the Economy module, there were classes including from global business and international negotiations, creating and implementing the country’s energy security strategy. In the Policy module, the classes concerned national security, conflict and hybrid war, foreign policy, Poland’s strategy in the geopolitical situation, and the Silk Road 2.0 and the new global order.

The PZU Foundation was the partner of the 2nd edition of the program.

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